Minecraft creation: Kanto and Johto from Pokemon Red/Gold – 2012

As a personal project, I re-created the maps from Pokemon Red/Blue and Gold/Silver in Minecraft.  There were a number of design challenges associated with moving a two dimensional map into three dimensions, as well as making each city feel unique with their own style of houses, paths, and street lights while still capturing the original atmosphere.  There was the additional challenge of making buildings and caves interesting on the interior due to the impossible spaces created by the outside being smaller than the inside.  Doing this project helped me realize how much I love doing level design.   My rendition of Pokemon Red/Blue  was even featured as part of a series by two well known “Let’s Players” on YouTube: Trask Nari and Puddle.  A quick demonstration of the Pokemon Gold/Silver map is below.  Please do not judge my video editing skills, just the level design.