Leprechaun Tears – Game Engine – 2014

Leprechaun Tears was the name of the game engine we developed in our Game Engines class, named solely so we can make the bad joke that our game is powered by leprechaun tears. In this project, I was responsible for the overall architecture of the engine and mini-golf game that it was running, as well as all of the rendering, while my partner Kyle did the physics and file I/O. Near the end, we began work on a procedural mini-golf course. I took inspiration from my It’s Not the End of the World terrain generator and tried to make it perlin noise based, however it didn’t come out as fancy as we would have liked due to having only one week to work on it, and that week was also the final push for our Bar Crawl project. Attached is the source code (with visual studio solution) and a video showing a few levels. ¬†For the source code, I wrote most (or all) of every file except for Ball.cpp.


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