Code Samples

Here are some code samples, showing off some of my best work in some of my best languages.


Eruption is my greatest game to date, and I’m proud of a lot of the code that I wrote for it. Here are a few samples.

Main game controller

Procedural level generator

Villager AI

Giant Rock AI

Flammable (what allowed things to be killed by the volcano)

Minotaur procedural maze editing tools.  You can read more about this project here.

3D rendered level builder

Maze editing tools


Recursive Tic Tac Toe implementation, for the second attempt at making my game X’s and O’s and Black Holes.  Output from this version is the second group of images on that page.

Tic Tac Toe Board (CPP | HPP)

Recursive Extension of that Board (CPP | HPP)

Getting back to fundamentals, I spent some time doing basic data structures in C++.

Hash Table

Double Linked List

Array List

Ring Buffer


Here is an implementation of my Recursive Tic Tac Toe project, using the Processing variation of the Java language.  You can view what it looks like as the first image on this part of my portfolio.

Recursive Tic Tac Toe