Unreal Development Kit – 2014

As part of my game engines class, we made a level in UDK as well as a weapon mod using wotgreal.  Below is a video showing them both.  The level is named Counter-Clockwise, as it is two large rooms connected by two hallways, with triggers to open a door in one hallway that closes the door in the other, as such you can only move through it in a counter-clockwise direction.  Also demonstrated in the video is our weapon, the Fibonacci Bomb.  It is a modification of the shock rifle.  We modified the alt-fire to shoot a bouncing electric ball, in clusters according to the fibonacci sequence.  For example, the first two shots are just a single projectile, but then it shoots 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and finally 34 projectiles at once.  The bouncing has been modified so that there is some variation, that way the cluster gets more and more spread out the more it bounces.  The weapon is absolutely deadly in tight hallways.


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