Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget – 2014

Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget was the game developed to finish off my capstone project for my B.S. in Computer Science: Computer Game Design. I served as the lead designer for this project, and made the final call for all design decisions. I also worked with the producer to create and assign tasks and keep the scrum board up to date, with the developer to create a clean and extensible code architecture (it was built in Unity 2D), and with our lead artist to make sure the art was produced on schedule and it all matched stylistically. We got a late start on the project as this only happened because the “It’s Not the End of the World” project was cut (see below), so we had to do this in about 13 weeks. By the end of the project, I was overseeing 7 programmers (not including myself), 5 artists, one musician, and one voice actress. I also programmed in the scene transitions, most of the user interface, and I was often the first person to add a new feature, and I would lay down some skeleton code that would be handed off to another team member to expand upon. Bar Crawl: A Night to Forget was entered in the 2014 IndieCade festival and the UC Santa Cruz Sammy Awards.  It is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store for free, and has a website as well.